Frequently asked questions / customer benefits

During our day-to-day work, we often encounter difficulties which extend  beyond the actual task in hand. This leaves companies with a raft of questions and reservations about interim managers and external consultants, which we are happy to respond to here. What is important is that interim managers are business people who are able to provide business-like responses to your questions.


An external manager needs too long to get used to the company.

A professional interim manager or consultant will never claim to know everything better. An in-depth analysis of the situation carried out with you and your management team is always necessary in order to define and resolve the issue. It is for this reason that we work exclusively with people who have acquired many years' experience in a variety of sectors and businesses and therefore know how to approach such a process right from the outset.


Our own employees won't accept an external manager.

All our staff and partners have many years of management experience coupled with good social skills when working with your employees and managers. Even at the selection stage, we look very carefully at these skills and continuously develop them in multi-stage training sessions.


An external manager is usually interested in short-term success.

Short-term successes are no doubt important. However, we work with you to implement measures to facilitate sustained success. Our references support this.


An external manager often won't have the necessary sector expertise.

As a rule, we work with interim managers who come from our customer's sector. However, it sometimes makes sense to deliberately deploy managers who are new to the sector and can bring fresh impetus, or transfer their specific expertise in other sectors.

We decide which of these two to engage on the basis of the specific task, and always in consultation with our customers.


An external manager will always use one and the same method.

Our interim managers have a range of methods at their disposal, and very specific experiences. This enables us to select, combine and if necessary adapt the managers best suited for the current project and thus provide a tailored solution.

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