Our approach and way of working

While there are similarities between many situations in the business environment today, every business is just as individual as the people in it. For the professional interim manager, that means taking every new job as a new, unique challenge instead of constantly using the same tools.

Against this backdrop, Dr. Esch Management & Engineering Service GmbH views itself as an interim manager provider able, following in-depth analysis of the situation, to make available the right solutions whatever the task at hand – whether that is a traditional interim manager, an external consultant or employees for the future in association with our network of partners.

Our service concept

Methods and professionals at every stage

This enables us to provide you not just with the resource you require, but to also deliver precisely the methodological approach you for need your own situation and business. If you wish, we will support you at every stage of the project from analysis and conceptualisation to implementation and a continuous process of improvement to guarantee that the measures applied work in the long-term.

It is hugely important to us that the individuals we place with you are not only suitable for your sector and your business, but that they are also able to work with your existing teams – whether your company is stock market-listed, an SME or a private equity concern. Only people able to develop a sense of differing demands and work effectively with your managers will be able to provide sustained support to your business.

As a matter of principle, we place only people who

  • We know personally
  • Understand modern management methods
  • Have had either a successful career in management in an international machinery and plant construction business, or who we have put through appropriate training and qualification schemes
  • Have the ability to grasp issues quickly
  • Are able to integrate into your team quickly without trying to curry favour
  • Are able to accept criticism and take on a heavy workload
  • Think strategically and act pragmatically
  • Feel at ease in different cultures
  • Aim not for rapid success but rather for sustained development

The Team

We find the right combination.

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