Reference 1 (mechanical engineering, drive technology)

The client:

Our mandate:

  • A global leader in drive motors for stationary drive systems
  • Annual turnover approximately €1 billion
  • Around 7,400 employees
  • Production and assembly plants in  Europe, America and Asia
  • Develop and implement a corporate concept for the 'industrial gears' business area focusing on five 'Fields of Main Activity'.
  • Triple turnover to €75 million during the period of the mandate and bring the business into the black during the second year
  • Take over negotiations for the acquisition of a joint venture and integration into the corporate group
  • Chairman of the Board of the acquired company with production facilities in Finland, Belarus, China and Singapore
  • New construction of a plant in China in accordance with the Toyota production system principle (30,000 m2, investment of approximately $40 million)
  • Coordination of a partner company with production facilities in Finland, Germany and Canada
  • Redesign partnership contracts
  • Regular visits to Finland and China

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