Reference 8 (mechanical engineering, drive technology)

The client:

Our mandate:

  • A global leader for special winches and planetary gears for industrial applications
  • Business unit of a privately owned group of companies
  • Annual sales approximately 200 Mio. €
  • Around 950 employees
  • Locations in Europe, Asia und America
  • Strategic and operational management as well as turn around of the business unit
  • Spokesman of the management
  • Develop and implement a procurement strategy incl. reorganisation of the purchasing department; significant reduction of the material cost
  • Continuous improvement of productivity, around 5% per year
  • Significant increase of the business units EBIT
  • Development of a product- and production-strategy
  • Start of an international R&D project of a cost- und functional optimised product line
  • Redirection and replacement of members of the management team after some managers retired
  • Making the Chinese plant more independent from

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