The production concept is no longer consistent.

Your situation:

Our recommendation:

While your company has long been one of the leaders in production and logistics, you are dissatisfied with the factory's performance.

Reliability of supply, lead times, stocks, load factors and the commitment of your staff are not aligned, and are causing unnecessary costs.

As a business-leader, you also expect greater efficiency from your value-adding supply chain in terms of your customers.

The processes within your organisation need a new structure which will be sustainable and cost-effective for future business processes.

Together with all the relevant employees, we analyse the whole range of products and production as well as your organisation's processes.

We help you to adjust and restructure what you do and how you do it on the basis of our analysis. Depending on the requirement, this could be through

  • Defining and segmenting part-families
  • Make or Buy Analysis (MoB)
  • Product or Production relocation

We work with you to develop and plan a production concept that focuses on the flow of materials.

We support you at every stage of implementing the concept.

Click below for some examples of successful restructures which we have supported:

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