An acquired company needs to be integrated.

Your situation:

Our recommendation:

You have acquired a company which now needs to be integrated into existing structures.

Different company cultures mean there is some loss of friction. Different standards, methods and systems, exist alongside each other - and hinder each other.

If you have acquired a company abroad, the cultural misunderstandings may have a negative impact on results.

Your staff are finding it hard to deal with the changes, and are concerned about the future.

We work together with decision-makers from both companies to define targets and methods to achieve sustainable change management.

We work with you to organise

  • A review of your product and production portfolio
  • Streamlining of your sales and purchasing channels
  • Harmonisation of your standards, methods and systems

We support you in

  • assessing your locations
  • developing, reviewing and implementing your product and production relocation

We support you in your internal communications in order to manage your employees' fears and reservations and persuade them to work towards a new common goal.

We support you at every stage of the implementation.

Click below for some examples of successful post merger integrations which we have supported:

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