The new product is failing to meet cost targets.

Your situation:

Our recommendation:

You have launched a new product but are not achieving the costs you had targeted.

Transparency of your cost accounting and controls is not satisfactory and is obstructing the resolution of problems.

A sales price in line with costs and profit targets cannot be achieved in the market using current methods.

We work together with relevant employees from sales as well as design, purchasing, production and controlling to analyse the route the product takes from constructional design and the purchase of components through to production and on to your customers, and chart the weak points.

Our particular focus here is on analysis of the product designs, the components bought in and the production and order processing processes.

We show you where savings can be made and define measures to help you achieve them.

We work with you to draw up an implementation plan and appropriate controlling methods.

We support you in implementing and monitoring the measures applied in a sustainable way.

Click below for some examples of successful cost optimisation projects which we have supported:

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