New markets need to be developed.

Your situation:

Our recommendation:

Your company is a leader in high-cost premium products, but your markets are becoming increasingly saturated.

You see opportunities for growth primarily in emerging markets with particular needs.

It is important to you to maintain your premium-brand reputation when opening up new markets.

We work with your employees to analyse market needs as well as your products' strengths and opportunities, as well as potential weaknesses, in new target markets.

We optimise sales, design, purchasing and production terms according to conditions in your new markets.

We work with you to set targets for

  • Markets and customers
  • Products and applications
  • Sales and service
  • Production and logistics
  • Organisation and personnel

as well as a plan of actions and timescales, and demonstrate that the measures are cost-effective

We support you at every stage of the implementation.

Click below for some examples of successful new markets being opened which we have supported:


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