The company has grown too quickly.

Your situation:

Our recommendation:

Your company has grown rapidly in recent years and needs professional structures in place to match its size. Only the rudimentary processes you need are in place, and your systems no longer suffice.

The demands on the management team change from purely operational to coordinating, planning and creative (strategic) tasks.

The personnel structure you have in place does not match the new tasks that your new company size entails.

There is an increasing requirement for positioning yourself and raising your profile in the market.

You need to find the right balance between doing things in-house and sub-contracting.

Your costs structures are obstructing profitable growth.

We work with you and your staff to analyse the roles and processes in your company along with the methods and resources used.

We define your future direction and to what extent you should do things in-house, and work out what staff you need in terms of quality and quantity.

We work with you and our partners to establish what training is required for existing personnel as well as the requirement for new employees, and support you during the recruitment and induction process.

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